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DUO-NUT chocolate spread
Superior Twist Duonut can add variety to your healthy diet! Grab a spoon, resistance is futile. Whether you’re spreading it on pancakes, bagels, or eating it straight out of the jar, Twist Duonut is the sensation your tastebuds deserves! Made from the finest of hazelnut flour and finished with a splash of sunflower oil, sweetener, and low fat cocoa powder, Twist Duonut is the ultimate nut based spread. We created a spread you can enjoy and not even feel a tinge of guilt.

Not all fats are created equally, and our spread is packed with only the best, providing long last energy to your body. Smooth in texture, our Superior Twist Duonut is low in fats and rich in flavour.

If you wish you could have the same delight, but you are dedicated to your weight loss program, consider sugar-free Superior Twist Duonut Spread. Try it however you want, as a dip for apples, strawberries, or banana, spread onto waffles made with Low-Carb Baking Mix, or mix it into your Protein Oatmeal. You are what you eat, and it is good to be Twist Duonut! 





EAN CODE: 5999860880776

EAN CODE: 5999860880622

DUO-NUT chocolate spread

  • 400g 

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