It's almost been a decade when Tesla was founded, with only one thing in mind: To provide as much to their athletes as possible. Therefore we - at Tesla Nutritions - believe that we have a completely different kind of an approach to nutritions than any other companies on the market. We put emphasis on the research-development, because we believe that the future is no-longer something we have to be waiting for... Future, - just like success - is just around the corner! Let's create the future together!


Tesla Nutritions has become one of the most successful distributor in Europe. Not only Tesla uses only the best quality ingredients, but it has earned his name due to its extremely fast producing time - only 4 weeks and the goods are ready to ship from our warehouse to anywhere in the world! 

Last but not least, please bear in mind that all out products are kosher and halal, so therefore quality, hygiene and purity has never been and never will be an issue in our factory.