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Mass Super Charger

Deliver to your muscles when they need it, with Mass Super Charger.


This high Carbohydrate shake delivers 42g Protein per serving. It is an ideal choice for those with a lot of muscle mass, or engaging in high output activities.


Tesla Mass Super Chargercan help your muscles to grow, thanks to its multi-source carb matrix, high protein content and addition of Amino Acids in an optimal 2:1:1 ratio to assist in the uptake of protein. Creatine has also been added to help fill the muscles with water and drive further growth, along with a carefully selected Vitamin complex to support your body’s ability to utilise protein and carbs for energy and lean muscle mass.


With Vitamins, BCAAs, Creatine and Tribulus, this Protein and Carbs matrix is the only shake you need to boost your body’s levels of GH and Testosterone, whilst ensuring optimal uptake of protein to help you pack on muscle size fast and effectively.


Available in chocolate, cookies & cream and strawberry flavours.


EAN CODE:5999570281153

EAN CODE: 5999570281160

EAN CODE: 5999570281177

EAN CODE: 5999570281184

EAN CODE: 5999570281191

EAN CODE: 5999570281207

EAN CODE: 5999570281214

EAN CODE: 5999570281221

EAN CODE: 5999570281238

EAN CODE: 5999570281450

EAN CODE: 5999570281467

EAN CODE: 5999570281474

EAN CODE: 5999570283942

EAN CODE: 5999570283959

EAN CODE: 5999570283966

Mass Super Charger

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