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PRO-NUT protein spread
There’s truly nothing better than a delicious cream spread. Whether you’re looking to engage in a healthier lifestyle, prepping for a show, or just want to indulge, Tesla's Pronut cream fit into most diets and lifestyles! It’s the perfect snack anytime, anywhere, without any guilt!

The Tesla Pronut cream impresses with it's high protein content of 17.2 g per 100 g. The protein is whey protein, which is among the best dietary proteins. This is because whey protein contains the eight essential amino acids that your body is not able to produce itself and therefore has to rely on a daily intake of. All this makes the spread an ideal component of a high-protein diet, helping you to build up your muscles when you’re in the process of bulking up and maintain them when you’re trying to lose weight. It's high fiber intake helps maintain the health of the intestinal tract, and supports the health of your immune system.

To achieve the perfect taste experience, a sweetener instead of sugar is the first ingredient used, followed by high-quality fats, proteins and the most important ingredients, hazelnut flour, and low fat cocoa powder.

Enjoy the perfect combination: cream from creamy hazelnut chocolate with whey protein of high nutritional value.



EAN CODE: 5999860880769

EAN CODE: 5999860880615

PRO-NUT protein spread

  • 400g

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