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Whey Charger 100

Tesla Whey Charger Protein is an advanced Protein formula with added digestive enzymes for optimal uptake and absorption.


This delicious tasting Whey Protein Matrix delivers 25g high-quality protein and just 2.6g carbs per serving.

With added BCAAs and L-Glutamine to help prevent fatigue and refuel your muscles effectively.


Available in white chocolate- strawberry, milk chocolate, cookies & cream, strawberry and vanilla flavours.


EAN CODE: 5999570280989

EAN CODE: 5999570280996

EAN CODE: 5999570281009

EAN CODE: 5999570281016

EAN CODE: 5999570281023

EAN CODE: 5999570281030

EAN CODE: 5999570281047

EAN CODE: 5999570281092

EAN CODE: 5999570281108

EAN CODE: 5999570281115

EAN CODE: 5999570281122

EAN CODE: 5999570281139

EAN CODE: 5999570282846

EAN CODE: 5999570282853

EAN CODE: 5999570282860

EAN CODE: 5999570282877

EAN CODE: 5999570282884

EAN CODE: 5999570283010

EAN CODE: 5999570283027

Whey Charger 100

  • 32g

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